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Become part of our colony

We are passionate about building a strong global network to create awareness of certified lab tested high grade honey. For each jar of honey we sell, a percentage of our profits will be donated back to the beekeepers, as an initiative to help contribute towards maintaining and further developing the bee keeping infrastructure, and ultimately help towards the prevention of the decline in bees.

Become a Honeyholics Ambassador

Support and promote our honey with friends and colleagues, help raise recognition and awareness of our brand. In turn, our ambassadors will receive a selection of our honey each month for free.

Become a Honeyholics Agent

As an agent, you will join our team and be responsible for re-selling our honey globally out in your own respective markets and city’s. Our agents will help promote and educate the market on Honeyholics honey and products. The more our agents sell, the more commission they will receive. Agents can supply to local shops, pharmacies, retailers and consumers who would benefit from our high grade honey. Honeyholics would take care of all the sales contracts, money transfers and all import and export documentation and requirements. The only task for our agents would be to sell our honey. All sales will be subject to minimum order quantities.